The podcast that equips aviation businesses to achieve a higher altitude.

The vision of Aviation Business Podcast is to provide meaningful information and eduction to aviation operations that will help them achieve greater success and significance in their business. This will include information on business development and strategy, and industry information. It will include interviews with industry and subject matter expert. Aviation Business Podcasts hopes to impact more than 5,000 aviation businesses by 2023.

The podcast is hosted by Tim Bonnell Jr., Owner and President of Aeris Insurance Solutions. Tim has been in leadership roles most of his life. He has a passion for business strategy, developing and serving others, and aviation.This podcast is the waypoint between these passions.

The Aviation Business Podcast is sponsored by Aeris Insurance Solutions. If you’d like to connect you can email me Tim at tim.bonnell@aerisinsurance.com or check out the website www.aerisinsurance.com