Episode 2: Core Values

Core Values are the lifeblood of an organization. Learn how to take your business to a higher altitude in this episode.

Here are a few steps to help you identify your core values:

  1. Review your purpose, mission statement, and vision story. Do you see common words or themes that reoccur? If so create a list.

  2. If not, Google Core Value List for ideas such as Integrity, Honesty, Reliability, Loyalty, etc. Develop a list.

  3. Identify similar values and group them together.

  4. Use a Thesaurus (like Thesaurus.com) to identify similar words.

  5. Narrow the list down to 3-6

  6. Phrase and define these top values

  7. Review - Are any of these similar and could be combined, or one removed?

  8. Try to narrow your final core value list to 3 or 4.

  9. Communicate the new clear values, live them out, Reinforce them. List them - Intranet, Employee Manual, Banner, Weekly Huddles, Team Meetings, etc. and celebrate wins when a team member lives out the core values,